5 Promising Business Intelligence Trends: The Future is Now

Business Intelligence Trends for 2016

Business is complex, and strategic planning and decision-making aren’t getting any easier. Today, however, high-tech, low-maintenance business intelligence software is empowering analysts, managers and executives across the enterprise and SMB with innovative analytics, dynamic business planning, improved decision-making, and powerful ROI.

Here are 5 of the most promising trends in business intelligence for 2016:

1. The Cloud

There are a lot of advantages to taking your business intelligence to the cloud. Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud-based business intelligence minimizes IT expenses and improves data reliability with continuous updates. 2016 is shaping up to be the biggest year for cloud-based business intelligence yet: spending on cloud-based BI software is expected to grow 4.5x faster than on-premise solutions, according to IDC’s Dan Vesset.

2. Mobility

Along with reduced IT expenses, a “single version of truth” and others, a major advantage of cloud-based business intelligence is mobility. With cloud-based BI software like Adaptive Insights, you and your team can access and analyze your data on-the-go, on any smartphone or tablet device.

3. Visual BI

The amount of business data available has become overwhelming even to the most experienced finance managers and data scientists. But improvements in CPM software’s visualization capabilities and end-user dashboards mean the business intelligence conversation will extend beyond finance to non-experts, as well. BI solutions like Adaptive Discovery from Adaptive Insights empowers finance, management and leadership with self-serve dashboards, drag-and-drop functionality, and intuitive visualization tools, so high-powered BI is available to anyone — no programming experience required.

In our business, it’s critical to be able to act quickly and intelligently. By giving our managers and their staff new data visualization capabilities that allow them to explore and understand their data in new ways, they can make better and faster decisions.”
American Academy of Physician Assistants

4. BI for SMB

The rise of cloud-based business intelligence software means that cutting edge business intelligence is no longer reserved for enterprise-level businesses. With minimal overhead and maintenance required, cloud BI solutions will revolutionize small and medium-sized businesses’ ability to compete.

5. Integration

The inability to integrate reporting and analytics across multiple departments and systems put any business at a disadvantage. Today, thanks to powerful integration capabilities, business intelligence is real-time, agile and connected — available to anyone across the organization.

Adaptive Discovery has quickly provided value to users and gives the Adaptive Suite a unique value proposition as a cloud-based solution for providing BI and CPM in a single platform.
Nucleus Research

Cloud-based CPM solutions are revolutionizing nearly every industry. To learn how business intelligence software by Adaptive Insights can impact your team, contact us today.