Top 6 Ways Cloud Software Increases Efficiency

Cloud Software Increases Efficiency

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of cloud computing. But perhaps the best way to describe why this solution is so transformative in corporate settings is that cloud software increases efficiency across the board. Learn about six specific examples, and decide if this tool could help you create new strategic advantages.

Spend Less Time on IT Maintenance

Since much of the time and labor intensive back-end IT maintenance is handled for you by the cloud administrator, your in-house tech team doesn’t have to deal with it themselves. That frees them up to focus their expertise on ambitious, long-term projects.

Scale According to You Exact Needs

Too often, software licensing agreements force you to commit to a solution that is larger than you need, or settle for a solution that is smaller than you need. Cloud computing increases efficiency by matching its capabilities to your exact needs. You can scale upwards immediately, according to a predictable cost structure, and without having to make any compromises.

Create a Workforce with True Mobility

Being out of the office doesn’t have to affect productivity and efficiency. Cloud software travels with you even when you are on a business trip, working from home, or visiting a client. That means you and your team always have access to the tools and information you need to make the most out your workday.

Enhance Your Analytic Capabilities

Cloud software increases efficiency by eliminating the discreet borders that make enterprise-wide analysis and planning such a challenge. Common tools are integrated, and data is stored collectively, giving you the capability to take a deep look at your projects and performance.

Extend Your IT Lifecycle

Since so much of the maintenance required for cloud software is handled for you automatically off-site, your hardware lasts longer than it does currently. Replacing this hardware is not only expensive, but it is also an ongoing logistical challenge and compromises the capability of your overall infrastructure. With cloud software, this never becomes an issue.

Count on Greater Energy Efficiency

A traditional on-premises IT deployment requires a tremendous amount of electricity. But the necessary energy requirements drop significantly with a switch to the cloud. Greater energy efficiency lowers your monthly utility bills and gives you more flexibility when selecting or renovating office space.


Cloud Software Increases Efficiency. So Does Nuage

There is no such thing as being too efficient. Why not make the move to cloud software and start realizing the benefits on a daily basis? Explore your options further by contacting a cloud expert from Nuage.


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