Get Your Numbers Right — Every Time

With a complete cloud solution, you can be accurate and up to date on your information by ensuring that financial governance is in place. NetSuite optimizes financial processes resulting in improved business results and functionality that will reduce costs. By eliminating dated and error-prone manual processes, you’ll be able to fully optimize your financial operations.

You take on many roles as a Controller — one of a custodian, a bookkeeper, a business partner and a commentator:

  • The Custodian: Maintain controls and compliance and keep up to date on tax and regulatory changes with automatic upgrades.
  • The Bookkeeper: Focus on transaction processing and automate day-to-day accounting operations with error-free processes.
  • The Business Partner: Organize processes to engage at a strategic level and dedicate your resources more efficiently.
  • The Commentator: Project data with KPIs, variance analysis and customized reports using real-time data and information.

A single integrated system used across your entire organization provides unrivaled accuracy for meeting audit and reporting demands. You’ll be able to expedite your financial close by up to 50 percent while significantly enhancing your revenue recognition.


NetSuite Business Management Solution for Strategic Financial Controllers

Today’s financial controllers face growing challenges and opportunities alike. Improving reporting, driving down costs, and ensuring compliance in an increasingly regulated environment demand an integrated business management software.

NetSuite provides real-time visibility based on a single version of truth for reliable reporting and strategic decision-making.

Watch the video and see why from budgeting to forecasting, consolidation to “what –if” analysis, strategic financial controllers are choosing NetSuite.

Benefits to the Controller

Some say cloud computing is now a matter of survival for the accounting industry. As a controller, the risk of data loss is a constant worry. Furthermore, you want to be sure there’s room for your financial data.  So how does cloud technology help?

  • Data Loss: By implementing cloud technology, you will safeguard your critical data from equipment malfunction or disaster — because it will all be stored in the cloud.
  • Business Capacity: Cloud storage will free up your internal storage space, a key benefit if your organization plans to grow.
  • Easy Access: Cloud applications allow you to access accounting data from anywhere and at any time, without having to download and install anything. All you need is an internet connection.

Say goodbye to dated on-premise software and prepare to innovate for the future. Organizations, big and small, are leveraging the cloud to manage their financial data in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Let the experts at Nuage show you how NetSuite will transform your financial processes.