Add Unprecedented IT Capabilities With the Cloud

With NetSuite’s cloud software suite, you will add unparalleled IT capacity and capabilities, allowing you to control costs and reduce the risk of both IT over-investing and under-investing. As a CIO, you have to be in tune with your organization’s overall business strategy, and leveraging new business technologies plays a powerful role.

You take on many roles as a CIO — one of a leader, a strategist, a steward and a catalyst:

  • The Leader: Give your IT organization a makeover to fulfill the needs of the future, a future underlined with accelerating change.
  • The Strategist: Persuade colleagues and work with other executives by providing transformative business value with fewer resources.
  • The Steward: Manage operations without worrying about infrastructure, while maintaining an efficient IT organization.
  • The Catalyst: Expand influence by transforming how you manage computing infrastructure and exploit your knowledge resources.

Being an innovative CIO means being in tune with emerging technologies, including the debate around on-premise vs. cloud-based solutions. Well, this debate is over. NetSuite’s cloud solution suite delivers a SaaS platform that provides you the latest technologies and innovations, while saving time and money with seamless upgrades and maintenance.


SaaS Business Management Software for Strategic CIOs

Market trends mean CIOs are increasingly fighting tomorrow’s war with yesterday’s technologies. NetSuite’s cloud business management solution allows CIOs to be strategic while supporting and future-proofing business against accelerating, disruptive change.

Bringing together important business applications across the enterprise, NetSuite enables global CIOs to partner with key stakeholders to streamline processes, avoid islands of automation, and eliminate separate operating systems.

Watch the video to learn more about what makes NetSuite the most efficient, flexible, and secure business management software for strategic CIOs.

Cloud Computing

Benefits to the CIO

Prominent CIOs in the business world are already touting the advantages of cloud technology. Consulting firm Navint Partners, LLC convened a roundtable discussion with CIOs from major Fortune 500 companies to discuss their progress with cloud technology. According to the report:

  • 90% claim to have received 100% of the savings expected from their cloud-related projects.
  • 80% say cloud technology has helped them gain a competitive advantage.
  • 66% note that cloud computing has helped their company’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Even though most organizations are relatively new to the cloud computing arena, they are already realizing the benefits — especially leaders in the IT world. Their operational capacity is greater and they can focus more time and energy on innovation and productive collaboration.

As a CIO, do you know all the benefits that come with cloud technology? Let us educate you on why moving to the cloud will not only make your job easier, but help you put your IT resources to better use.