Overcome Your Business Challenges with Cloud Computing

With cloud technology, CEOs can better manage the grueling business challenges they must face every day, such as costs, scalability, productivity and business growth. NetSuite is the #1 choice for businesses to run ERP, CRM and ecommerce applications in the cloud. In short, it helps you run your business rather than manage your technology.

As a CEO, you take on many roles — one of a leader, a strategist, a steward and a catalyst:

  • The Leader:  Reduce costs, focus on customers, improve profitability and target revenue and business growth.
  • The Strategist: Boost organizational value through product quality, financials and brand reputation while maintaining an efficient business model.
  • The Steward: Delegate tasks and provide employees with the tools they need to excel in their positions.
  • The Catalyst: Enable departments to share data, leverage strengths and obtain resources in an easy and efficient manner.

NetSuite’s cloud business management suite helps you lower overall costs by better aligning your technology with your business needs. In the end, you’ll have better scalability, easier upgrades, anytime anywhere access and an overall easy-to-use management system.


The NetSuite Culture of Innovation

NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson talks about how a culture of innovation, collaboration, and hard work is pushing NetSuite forward. NetSuite is motivated by the passion and vision of the entrepreneurs and businesses it serves.

“If you’re not excited about business, NetSuite’s not a very good place for you to work,” says Nelson.

Watch video to learn more about how NetSuite is driving — and is driven by — business innovation in the 21st century.

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Benefits to the CEO

Switching to the cloud offers a multitude of benefits that every CEO needs to know. Here, we believe, are the top five:

  1. Cost Savings: By moving IT applications and workloads off of dated on-premise systems, you’ll save both time and money.
  2. Innovation: When your IT department no longer has to manage costly, time-consuming systems, they are able to dedicate more resources towards innovation.
  3. Better Security: Believe it or not, your critical applications and data are more secure in a reputable provider-managed cloud than if stored and administered in-house.
  4. Scalability: In order for you company to grow — and/or deal with fluctuating sales seasons — your infrastructure capabilities must grow with it. Cloud computing makes this easy.
  5. Competitive Advantage: By reducing costs and saving much-needed time, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

If you’re ready to move your business to the cloud, or if you’re simply looking for more information on cloud technology, let the experts at Nuage know. Our sales staff has extensive knowledge of NetSuite products, as well as over a decade of experience implementing ERP systems.