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Introducing Anapact, lessons learned from a Global NetSuite ERP roll-out, and a word from the Nuage team

Anapact Contract Management System

Introducing Anapact

Contract management software built to be easy

In the Summer of 2018, Our NetSuite ERP Consulting Practice found itself in quite the predicament. We signed a contract that was far more complex than anything we’ve ever encountered.

This learning experience was the catalyst that launched our team into action. If we were going to continue to grow our business, we had to have a Contract Management system in place that could handle our needs, while still recognizing we weren’t an enterprise level company.

So, we got to work building Anapact and now we've made this robust, dynamic, and automated contract management platform available to you. Plus, we’ve integrated it with NetSuite! Check it out:

Lessons Learned from a Global NetSuite ERP Roll-Out

Join Episerver's CIO/CISO, Sue Bergamo, as she discusses her experience with their NetSuite implementation

Sue has had experience with just about every ERP implementation out there. NetSuite was by far the easiest.

"Episerver was four companies that came together through acquisition, but no real integration until recently. So accurate was hard to get sometimes... Now we're very confident," explains Sue.

Watch the full interview to learn how Episerver was able to integrate their financial processes for a global market and gain the timeliness and accuracy that is vital to their organization's success.

A Personal Message from Nuage

Chris, a member of the Nuage team, on why he enjoys working with Nuage

"One of the joys of working with Nuage is the razor focus on adding value for our clients. Our team is rich in experience. If I don’t immediately know the answer to a client’s need, I can rely on my colleagues to share their knowledge with me. If we still do not know the exact answer, we will use whatever time is required to research the solution. We do not charge our clients for the time we spend educating ourselves because Lou, Mandy, and Glenn won’t accept that. I only charge when I am directly adding value for our client. That is just the way Nuage operates and I appreciate that integrity."

Business Management and Financial Solutions News

Gartner names NetSuite as a top leader, a new SuiteApp is available to help with COVID-19 issues in the workplace, and how to manage your business during uncertain times.

oracle netsuite circle

Our Recent Achievements

Oracle NetSuite was named a leader in Gartner’s latest report - 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large, and Global Enterprises.

Workforce Case Interaction SuiteApp

New SuiteApp Released!

Manage your business safely with SuiteApp! NetSuite has launched a new SuiteApp - Workforce Case Interaction - to help NetSuite customers create, track, and record in-person interactions with reported COVID-19 cases, all in one, centralized dashboard.

how to make smarter business decisions

Operating Your Business Through Uncertain Times - FREE Guide!

Many manufacturers were considered essential businesses during stay-at-home orders; but as the economy tries to get back to normal after COVID-19, there are some specific actions you should be taking.

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