The #1 Cloud Solution for Nonprofit Management

NetSuite’s cloud-based software is designed for nonprofits seeking to minimize complexity and increase efficiency. From accounting to fundraising, constituent relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) and everything in between, NetSuite offers a single, all-inclusive software solution for managing your nonprofit’s end-to-end operations. Offering a 360-degree view of donors, volunteers, supporters, and clients, NetSuite breaks down the silos challenging cohesive nonprofit management. Customized dashboards, reporting, and analytics provide insight into organizational performance in real-time, while a “single version of truth” ensures everyone is working with the same data. For nonprofits challenged by multiple systems, spreadsheets, and tools, NetSuite offers affordable, all-in-one nonprofit management software backed by the power and flexibility of the cloud.


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5 Core Benefits of NetSuite Nonprofit Management Software

  • Drive efficiency: unify disordered data and streamline processes with a single, integrated solution for finance, accounting, CRM, ERP, inventory, and ecommerce.
  • Improve visibility: get real-time, mobile access to unified data for faster, more effective decision-making.
  • Increase fundraising effectiveness: manage your entire revenue lifecycle from pledge-to-payment with a 360-degree view of constituents.
  • Optimize finance and accounting: improve project and grant initiative performance with real-time insight into budgets vs. actuals.
  • Reduce operational costs: cloud technology eliminates overhead and IT costs associated with multiple on-premise solutions.

Nonprofit Companies Using NetSuite

Improve Nonprofit Management with NetSuite

Nonprofits face increasingly complex organizational challenges, and separate systems and spreadsheets for finance, accounting, CRM, ERP, inventory, and ecommerce don’t make it any easier. NetSuite streamlines nonprofit management with integrated, cloud-based software for better budgeting, fundraising, planning, and more. Powerful finance and accounting tools are purpose-built for the unique needs of nonprofits, while NetSuite’s integrated constituent relationship management (CRM) provides a 360-degree view of donors, volunteers, supporters, and clients — all in one place.

With NetSuite, your nonprofit can eliminate inefficiencies by streamlining organizational processes in a single software solution, on-demand and updated in real-time.

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