Optimize NetSuite CRM Software in the Cloud

NetSuite CRM is the only customer relationship management software that offers a real-time, full-circle view of your customer experience, including everything from service, renewals, lead monitoring and sales management.

Implementing effective sales and marketing programs is essential to building your customer pipeline. With its fully integrated cloud capabilities, you’ll be able to energize your sales channel in ways you’ve never thought possible.

NetSuite’s advanced CRM system is the only cloud solution offering an authentic 360-degree view of your customer, providing your sales and customer service teams with access to key customer data — from anywhere and at any time.


Delivering a Wealth of Capabilities

In addition to marketing support, customer service, and sales force automation (SFA), NetSuite’s CRM+ solution delivers a wealth of capabilities that go above and beyond traditional CRM systems. This software provides quotes, commissions, order management, sales forecasting and many other tools to help run your customer relationship management efficiently — except with NetSuite, you will be operating your business in an all-in-one comprehensive cloud CRM program.

NetSuite CRM+

Key Benefits of NetSuite CRM

  • Boosts productivity with a real-time scope of your customers
  • Elevates sales through forecasting, referral and upsell management
  • Improves customer service and speeds up case resolutions
  • Streamlines quote and sales order processes

Customer Relationship Management at its Best

NetSuite CRM+ offers compelling sales and service features, including marketing automation, flexible customization and superb customer service and support — all in a single cloud CRM system.

Unlike many traditional customer relationship management systems, NetSuite delivers a dynamic cloud platform that’ll grow your sales and marketing performance capabilities. NetSuite CRM+ has the ability to integrate with your current ERP systems or expand into the complete suite by adding ERP, ecommerce and professional services automation — when the time is right for you.

The 4 Components of NetSuite CRM

Sales Force Automation
NetSuite’s SFA platform energizes your sales department with unified processes from upsell and quote management to fulfillment and sales forecasting.

Customer Service Management
NetSuite’s advanced customer service management feature delivers a 360-degree of your customers, allowing you to attract new customers and enhance customer service.

Marketing Automation
NetSuite offers automation features that transform your entire marketing process, providing campaign alignment that collaborates seamlessly with your sales teams.

Partner Relationship Management
NetSuite’s PRM solution activates a real-time flow of information that improves visibility and communication between you and your partners.

Energize Your Sales Channel

NetSuite’s sales force automation software energizes your sales channel with the most integrated SFA capabilities in the industry.

Planning and implementing the most effective marketing programs is essential to building a robust sales pipeline. With this integrated cloud solution, you will be able to link your marketing campaigns and sales execution into a single cohesive solution.

It’s Mobile-Friendly!

NetSuite offers comprehensive support for all of the most popular mobile devices — Apple iOS, Windows, and Android — ensuring that your business users receive access to the data they need anytime and anywhere.

With your CRM software in the cloud, your sales staff will be able to maximize their productivity and effectiveness.

NetSuite CRM also improves service with a 360-degree view of your customer experience — not to mention, you can address customer requirements at the point of interaction.

SuitePhone browser access boosts mobile productivity with a desktop-caliber experience that’s on the go.

All of your mobile and tablet users will be able to perform tasks through SuitePhone, allowing them to generate quotes, manage leads, create expense reports and monitor forecasts.

NetSuite CRM is Mobile



NetSuite ERP offers a proven cloud solution that seamlessly integrates your sales, service and business processes.




NetSuite Ecommerce drives efficient omni-channel growth through desktop, mobile, call centers and point of sale.




NetSuite SRP streamlines business processes with a full view of projects, financials, client relationships and more.


NetSuite Add-Ons


NetSuite’s add-on applications provide you the tools to make your cloud software suite even more specialized.


Why Partner with Nuage?

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