The #1 Cloud Solution for Your Entire Business

Used by more than 20,000 organizations, the NetSuite Cloud Business Management Suite provides a single, fully integrated solution that links your business across sales, service, finance and fulfillment.

This complete web-based software will help your entire organization work more efficiently, as well as become more cost-effective and profitable. NetSuite automates all of your business processes, helping you to streamline operations across all departments.

NetSuite delivers a host of services in a single, integrated software solution, including accounting, ecommerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Services Resource Planning (SRP).


Nuage, a NetSuite Solution Provider

A SaaS Solution For Your Entire Organization

NetSuite is the industry’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that supports your entire organization. The beauty of NetSuite’s SaaS program is that it’s constructed around a single customer record — meaning that every department uses the same information for every interaction. This helps you make better decisions faster.

Its business management software improves functionality for both managers and employees, because the tools and information you need to effectively run your entire business are available wherever your are located. NetSuite’s customizable portals will also help you effectively collaborate with your partners, vendors and customers.

NetSuite Key Benefits

Key Benefits of NetSuite’s Cloud Computing Solution

  • Reduces IT costs (by 50% and higher) while providing automated upgrades
  • Integrates programs that reduce errors and eliminate manual processes
  • Speeds up business processes, everywhere from order management to procurement
  • Delivers real-time business intelligence that caters to each employee specifically
  • Provides access to data with any web-based device
  • Offers a 360-degree view of customers across sales, service, finance and marketing

Automate Processes and Grow Your Business

NetSuite automates all of your key business processes, everything from lead generation to sales orders, from product shipment to customer service. This automation integrates across your entire organization and through your trading partners. And since all corporate data is stored in a single system, you’ll be able to access real-time visibility into all your vital business metrics — so you can work more efficiently in your competitive landscape.

This all-inclusive cloud computing software delivers the sales, support and marketing tools you need to serve your customers better and expand your business faster. And with NetSuite’s business process capabilities and automation features, you’ll be able to scale your organization more rapidly and efficiently.

A Solution for Every Organization

NetSuite is fully customizable to cater specifically to your business, small or large and in virtually any industry. With a single, integrated platform for CRM, accounting/ERP and ecommerce, you can automate business processes across all your departments, including finance, sales, service, procurement, order fulfillment and employee management. NetSuite delivers on the promise of intelligent, complete and simple applications:

  1. Intelligent: Real-time access to all the information you need helps you make better and faster business decisions. With personalized dashboards, users can view the data and information most relevant to their job functions.
  2. Complete: Your front-office, back-office and ecommerce capabilities will be integrated into one powerful application. And using a single data repository ensures that all your users use accurate and up-to-the-second information.
  3. Simple: Working as an on-demand, cloud-based solution, NetSuite greatly reduces your total cost of ownership, offering a faster and more cost-effective solution than traditional software. Furthermore, automated maintenance and upgrades means you no longer have to purchase new hardware.



NetSuite ERP offers a proven cloud solution that seamlessly integrates your sales, service and business processes.




NetSuite Ecommerce drives efficient omni-channel growth through desktop, mobile, call centers and point of sale.




NetSuite CRM delivers real-time, 360-degree visibility of your customers, allowing you to energize your sales channel.




NetSuite PSA helps successfully plan, track and execute projects more efficiently and profitably, delivering peace of mind.


Why Choose Nuage as Your NetSuite Partner?

You might already have heard that NetSuite is the #1 cloud-based solution. But how do you know if it’s right for your business?

Nuage sells solutions, not licenses. We implement projects on budget and on time to help you cut costs and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Businesses work with us because we emphasize partnership with our customers. We take a long-term view of our relationship instead of focusing simply on a transaction.

Our seasoned sales staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of the NetSuite platform, as well as cloud computing as a whole. We will provide unbiased answers to your questions, and will work with you to find a solution that best fits your organization.

Nuage, a NetSuite Solution Provider

NetSuite Implementation Optimization Package

The NetSuite Implementation Optimization Package provides our NetSuite customers with a highly efficient and value-added Action Plan, Timeframe and Proposal for Pre & Post-Live Implementations. At Nuage, we understand our Clients’ desire to achieve faster, more efficient and consistent ways to use NetSuite. This package is designed to reduce costs, automate processes and close gaps.

The Optimization Package includes the following:

  • On-Site and/or Virtual time review and assessment of current systems, workflows, and processes
  • Review of current NetSuite Configuration, including finance, operations and sales requirements
  • Complete Action Plan along with Implementation Timeframes

Our Action Plan is designed to help Customers execute the following:

  • Streamline Processes and NetSuite Workflows
  • Enhance deployment of current NetSuite Modules
  • Implement additional NetSuite and Non-NetSuite Products

Your success is our success, and helping to optimize and integrate your NetSuite Implementation to align with your company goals is what it is all about.