NetSuite for Healthcare Providers

NetSuite for Healthcare

Adapt to Changing Healthcare Needs

Massive changes are having a significant impact on healthcare organizations, including constant regulatory updates, escalating pressure to control costs, and increasing competition. As a healthcare provider, you must be able to adapt in this dynamic environment. You need to quickly respond to changes in market conditions, customer requirements, and government and industry regulations.

But how do you do that effectively? The amount of time and productivity that is wasted trying to manage various disparate systems to keep track of your back-office processes only contributes to the challenges.

Reduce Complexity, Lower Costs, and Improve Visibility

NetSuite's cloud-based business management suite, used by more than 20,000 organizations, enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to improve visibility, minimize complexity, and remain agile in the face of massive change.

Read on to learn the benefits of having one, integrated system to manage all your back-office needs:

The Benefits of NetSuite for Healthcare

Improve Visibility and Transparency: Customizable role-based dashboards provide real-time access to key business data, enabling timely decisions across your entire organization.

Adapt to Change: Configure processes, workflows, and reporting and information needs unique to your industry—then easily make future adjustments as required.

Streamline Reporting and Compliance: NetSuite simplifies and facilitates compliance by supporting internal controls and providing accurate, real-time reporting with a complete set of audit trails.

Improve Customer Service and Partner Engagement: Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and deliver better customer and partner service thanks to NetSuite's unified CRM solution.

You can gain all these benefits and more just by making the switch to NetSuite. This helps you improve productivity, time management, costs, and efficiency in a constantly changing environment.

Plus, NetSuite has solutions to fit any healthcare industry needs.


Why Healthcare Companies are Adopting NetSuite Software

Find the Right Solution for Your Healthcare Business

NetSuite financial management software provides comprehensive, ERP/financial capabilities that integrate with your broader back-office, sales and service processes. This proven financial management solution helps you be more productive with real-time tracking, reports and auditing tools.

Pharma, biotech and other organizations in the life sciences industry benefit from NetSuite's superior manufacturing resource planning, leaner manufacturing production processes and better supply chain management.

NetSuite OneWorld is the most deployed cloud ERP solution for global businesses. Manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities all from a single cloud ERP system to accelerate financial consolidation and visibility while seamlessly handling different currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements.

NetSuite gives healthcare organizations a single repository of customer interaction in both B2B and B2C environments, enabling superior service quality with a complete 360-degree customer view.

NetSuite delivers collaborative budgeting, planning and "what-if" modeling capabilities, completely integrated with core financials to drive strategy, planning and execution.

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