How Does NetSuite Compare?

NetSuite is the fastest growing financial management system
globally for the third straight year.

Harness the power of NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP to drive your operational efficiency and business growth.


Break free from ongoing IT maintenance costs and eliminate the burden of managing on-premise software.


Gain the agility, flexibility, and scalability your business needs to power innovation and growth.


Bid farewell to version lock. Improve agility with software that is always current, with all customization carried forward.

Here’s a Breakdown of NetSuite’s Top Competitors:

NetSuite vs QuickBooks

  • Accounting: While QuickBooks focuses only on accounting, NetSuite supports all your accounting, sales, inventory, fulfillment, and eCommerce operations in one suite.
  • Visibility: QuickBooks doesn't provide a comprehensive real-time view of your business performance, while NetSuite provides performance dashboards as a standard.
  • Reporting: NetSuite reports on all your business data from a single data repository, giving you a 360-degree view of your customers.
  • IT costs: You have to manage and update the software yourself with QuickBooks, as well as all of the other systems you use to maintain your business. NetSuite runs the application for you.

NetSuite vs Microsoft Dynamics

  • Total cost of ownership: NetSuite has a significantly lower TCO, while MS Dynamics is too big, too expensive, too complex, and too slow.
  • Overhead: NetSuite requires minimal overhead. MS Dynamics deployments demand more human resources including developers, administrators, and support staff.
  • Cloud solution: NetSuite is an authentic cloud-based manufacturing solution, whereas Microsoft’s software does not include a cloud platform for scripting, workflow, and extending applications.
  • Analytics: Unlike MS Dynamics, NetSuite delivers self-service business intelligence with built-in analytics and dashboards.

NetSuite vs Intacct

  • Intacct is not a platform. It's only an accounting solution.
  • NetSuite is a “best of breed” financials solution and can be sold as a financials only solution.
  • NetSuite continually consolidates.
  • The last 40 recent tech IPOs were running NetSuite.
  • NetSuite offers a grant program specifically for nonprofits. Hundreds of nonprofits run on NetSuite.

NetSuite vs Deltek

  • Payment handling: Unlike NetSuite, Deltek does not support credit/purchase card payments or automated Electronic Funds Transfers.
  • Flexibility: Deltek has weaker multi-currency and multi-lingual support.
  • Customization: Deltek relies on expensive consultants to customize its software to meet unique needs.
  • Complete solution: Deltek has basic CRM features, no case management, no marketing campaign support, and no lead-to-cash capabilities — all of which NetSuite includes in its software.

NetSuite vs Workday

  • Analytics: Workday does not support advanced business intelligence because it's a data silo. NetSuite provides advanced business metrics.
  • eCommerce: Unlike Workday, NetSuite delivers a complete eCommerce solution that activates seamless business operations.
  • Resource Planning: NetSuite can generate pricing estimates for pre-sale projects from underlying staffing models.
  • Specialization: Workday does not offer the industry-specific solutions that NetSuite does.

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