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manufacturing software solutions

Ranga Bodla makes a good point in his post “Made in America: US Manufacturing Thrives on Innovation”: “The images we have of American industry are often bleak — shuttered plants, rusting steel mills and deserted Detroit neighborhoods. But while the traditional Rust Belt towns may not be the industrial hubs they once were, American manufacturers are still here, and they’re thriving. They just don’t look quite like manufacturers of 30 years ago.”

Bodla backs up his observation with hard data: the United States is the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer, accounting for 17-18 percent of worldwide manufacturing. He notes that the American manufacturing powerhouse is driven largely by innovation in technology — and, increasingly, IT. In this post, we’ll try to lay out the advantages of cloud-based manufacturing software solutions — and why we believe NetSuite offers the greatest value for your business.

ERP Software for Manufacturers

Innovation is nowhere more evident than in NetSuite’s game-changing manufacturing software solution. In more than 20 years of experience implementing ERP software for manufacturers, we’ve worked with a lot of cloud-based solutions. In our experience, one thing is clear: NetSuite consistently outperforms every other manufacturing software package we’ve tested.

Wherever you are in the journey to streamline your manufacturing operation, just imagine for a moment what you could do with real-time insight into business performance and control over critical functions — accessible anywhere, from any device. Not a bad dream, right?

manufacturing software solutions

The Promise of Manufacturing Software Solutions

Integrated manufacturing software delivers many benefits to 21st-century manufacturers, but there’s no question about this: it excels at improving efficiency. NetSuite’s cloud-based software enables manufacturers to achieve greater efficiency in a wide range of critical business functions from everything fro inventory control to customer services to financials and budgeting.

For companies looking for competitive advantage in the high-stakes world of manufacturing, NetSuite Manufacturing Edition is an integrated end-to-end software solution that combines:

  • Manufacturing resource planning
  • Integrated inventory and dynamic replenishment
  • Warehouse management
  • Financial accounting and costing
  • Customer and partner relationship management
  • E-commerce

Our manufacturing clients report dramatic results upon implementing NetSuite. We’ve seen firsthand what Bosla describes: “Because these new manufacturing software solutions are based on web architecture, they also make it easier to share data with supply chain partners and customers and allow remote and mobile employees to work on the same applications as those at headquarters. And with all of the data and processes in one cloud application, executives have greater visibility into all of the company’s data.”

In today’s technology-driven world, your manufacturing business is increasingly complex. Cloud software streamlines that complexity into real-time, at-a-glance reporting and meaningful insight into operational and financial performance.

Why A Cloud-based Solution?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to ERP software for your manufacturing business. But in a sea of legacy on-premise solutions, the advantage of cloud software is clear. According to Gartner, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model can reduce total cost of ownership by 50 percent or more. Manufacturing has its own lingo, for sure, but reducing costs by 50 percent or more sounds the same in any language: A lot of bang for your buck.

Of course, we’re just scratching the surface here. Stay tuned to the Nuage blog for more on how to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability with manufacturing software solutions. Or, if you’re ready to see what ERP manufacturing software can do for your business, get in touch. We’d love to talk with you.



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