Retail & Ecommerce Software Designed to Satisfy Shoppers

NetSuite’s retail and ecommerce cloud solution empowers you to implement a seamless shopping platform that will reduce costs and improve your customers’ experience. NetSuite for retail will manage your entire business across all channels and touchpoints, allowing consumers to shop anywhere, pay anywhere and receive merchandise from anywhere.

This is the shopping experience consumers are demanding. They expect a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, whether it’s in-store, online, or over a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

Without a consistent user experience, retailers risk customer disengagement, lost sales and the mounting costs of chaotic software systems.


NetSuite Retail Ecommerce

Benefits for Ecommerce

NetSuite’s robust ecommerce platform delivers an authentic omni-channel shopping and service experience through a single commerce solution that combines order management with your back-office systems. This fully cloud-based platform offers three core benefits:

  • A single commerce platform: Remove inefficient integrations between separate systems with unified POS, inventory, marketing, financials and customer service.
  • Run more efficiently: Achieve broad visibility across your organization by funneling fragmented data sources into a single repository.
  • Provide outstanding business agility: Bring the flexibility needed to maintain the pace of growth while eliminating the headaches of managing software and hardware.

Retail / Ecommerce Companies Using NetSuite

Intelligent Order & Inventory Management

Delivering a centralized order management system will maximize your profitability while meeting customer expectations in an effective manner. NetSuite gives you a single, integrated view of inventory across your supply chain and all of your channels, allowing you to be more productive and efficient. So how can you improve order efficiency?

  • Complete orders quickly and accurately: Cloud-based retail & ecommerce software will allow you to manage orders from numerous channels — web, POS, mobile, kiosk — all in a single location.
  • Improve inventory processes: Real-time inventory visuals give your business a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere system.
  • Optimize stock levels and supplier relationships: Integrate supply and distribution networks to ensure accurate information, better communication and increased receptivity.

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Innovate Your Shopping Experiences

With NetSuite’s “Commerce Everywhere” design, you can expand your business and delight your customers with an engaging and personalized shopping experience. You will gain an unprecedented view of your customers by acquiring their preferences and interactions across all channels, allowing you to develop rich profiles that drive marketing and promotions.

With NetSuite Retail & Ecommerce, you will revolutionize your shopping experiences, creating a unique and compelling system across web, mobile and in-store experiences. Only through innovation will you exceed customer expectations and boost your brand above your competition. NetSuite allows you to:

  • Generate a user experience unique to your brand: Pixel-perfect design features and limitless layout oversight allows you to generate any customer experience.
  • Provide service from any device: NetSuite enables you to construct optimized shopping experiences that transmit beautifully across all devices.

Marketing and Promotions

In today’s competitive shopping environment, Retailers need an effective CRM and marketing solution, including a real-time, 360-degree view of every customer they have, and in every channel. This high-visibility system provides the insight your business needs to build customer loyalty and boost revenue. So what can NetSuite for retail and ecommerce do for you? Among other things, you will:

  • Gain a single view of customers’ past online, in-store and call center interactions
  • Generate robust customer profiles based on behaviors that can be accessible to all personnel
  • Organize customer lists and build targeted offers
  • Administer mobile, affiliate and search engine marketing
  • Use personalized dashboards to easily view campaign performance
  • Execute and analyze campaign performance across all channels and touchpoints
NetSuite 360 for Retail

360-Degree Customer View

With NetSuite cloud computing, you’ll gain a targeted and personalized omni-channel presence. This cloud-based ecommerce system delivers marketing and customer service with a single view of all consumer interactions — across all channels and touchpoints. You’ll be able to:

  • Know all about your customers: Achieve omni-channel visibility of every shopper to deliver personalized service with lifetime value.
  • Gain customer centricity: Position customers at the center of your organization.
  • Provide personalized experiences: Boost revenue through customer segmentation to provide an engaging shopping environment.

NetSuite retail and ecommerce cloud solutions help you manage all processes in the buying cycle, such as accounting, inventory, marketing, store management and customer support. With this all-inclusive software, you’ll accelerate your business efficiency and drive revenue across new markets.

Pave the Way For Expansion

A key feature of cloud computing for retail & ecommerce is the ability for unlimited expansion. NetSuite, in particular, allows you to rapidly deploy websites for multiple brands, channels, currencies and business models. And the best part is, you can do this all on the same platform. You’ll be able to:

  • Grow across the globe: Expand your business globally from a cloud-based platform that supports multiple currencies, countries, languages and tax rates.
  • Create multiple websites: From a single suite, you can manage multiple sites for brands, geographic locations and varying business models.
  • Use multiple sales models: Link business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales models on a single system with lower costs and easy platform management.

Moving your retail/ecommerce business to the cloud is a big decision. But Nuage’s group of experienced professionals are happy to coach you through this transition. Learn more about NetSuite’s premier retail and ecommerce solutions with a free product tour!