Ecommerce in the Cloud: Streamlining Across all Touchpoints

ecommerce in the cloud

In recent years, cloud-based technology has radically transformed the way we interact with computers. This revolutionary cycle began with cloud-based storage, which allowed users to have constant access to all of their important files by storing information online rather than on a local hard drive.

Things continued to evolve as cloud-based technology gave way to software as a service and security as a service solutions. Cloud-based software also has a wide variety of benefits for ecommerce companies that are changing the way they do business.

Benefits for implementing ecommerce in the cloud fall into a number of categories, including the types of platforms that are supported as well as the efficacy of responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design is Critical in 2014

Indeed, one major cloud benefit for ecommerce is responsive web design (RWD). RWD, as a concept, has to do with making sure that a single site can be viewed equally well on all types of devices. With the rise of mobile and tablet usage, RWD is a critical component to your ecommerce business.

In order to gain traction with the largest amount of customers possible, an ecommerce site needs to support any device that a person might be using. With ecommerce in the cloud, however, you don’t have to design multiple versions of a site for each device.

You no longer have to allocate time and resources to develop a mobile version of an ecommerce site for an iPhone and a separate one for a desktop computer, for example. The same site can conform to any device thanks to the cloud benefits for ecommerce that these types of platforms have to offer.

Keep Your Customers Engaged — or Lose Them

Another major benefit that cloud-based software offers to the world of ecommerce has to do with the type of experience businesses can now offer to users. These benefits break down into a couple different areas:

  • Putting your ecommerce in the cloud allows site managers to build in engaging capabilities like dynamic imaging, zooming, multiple image views, user reviews, user ratings and more. By making a site more engaging, customers are more likely to return in the future.
  • Cloud for ecommerce also allows businesses to provide shoppers with a consistent brand experience across all platforms. This allows business owners to retain complete creative control over a site.

Security: Think You Can Get By Without it?

One of the biggest benefits that cloud-based technology offers ecommerce businesses is, indeed, the ability to sincerely protect their customers. Security is becoming an increasing concern for consumers and businesses alike.

Cloud-based technology offers superior security capabilities, giving both businesses and customers the tools to reduce fraud and security breaches.

There are multiple levels of security available for both associates and managers who are using these types of platforms. Another major benefit has to do with enhanced customer satisfaction thanks to elements like integrated payment processing and quick checkouts.

It’s important to remember that cloud benefits for ecommerce don’t just extend to business owners. They also extend to the users, which will, in the end, lead to more positive interactions and can help take casual customers and turn them into dedicated ones.

Key Takeaways

  • Without responsive web design, you’re isolating a range of mobile customers
  • Maintaining and gaining new customers means keeping them technologically engaged
  • Once you’ve reeled them in, be sure to close them

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