Customizing NetSuite for Your Business

customizing NetSuite

Application customization in on-premise or hosted cloud applications can lead to steep investments in both money and time initially. Furthermore, you could end up stuck with the application version the customizations were built in or need to invest more into further development because upgrading could break the code.

Customizing NetSuite

But making customizations to NetSuite is more secure and simplified because of its unified data model—the entire system and all its elements are built within a single code source on a true cloud.

That means NetSuite upgrades shouldn’t affect any customizations you’ve built if you follow NetSuite Leading Practices. To ensure this is always the case, it’s important to work with your in-house certified NetSuite expert or a NetSuite Solution Provider with experience in NetSuite customizations.

Common NetSuite Customizations:

NetSuite services many different types of organizations, so naturally you’ll want to enhance the out-of-the-box system to fit your business needs. That’s where our simplified customization process comes in.

Common customizations to NetSuite include:

Building new functions, processes, and entire applications to host in NetSuite

Extending NetSuite to legacy systems and third-party applications

Personalizing NetSuite with easy-to-use tools for your business

The SuiteApp Store

There are also hundreds of SuiteApps available in the NetSuite Marketplace so you can extend NetSuite for your industry specific business needs. Most SuiteApps run directly inside NetSuite, hosted on the same servers and living in the same database. This provides a simple way for customizing your NetSuite experience to your business without extensive investments in development.

Benefits of Customizing NetSuite:

  • Make NetSuite meet your exact business needs
  • Build new functionality, workflows, and processes
  • Connect to legacy and third-party apps and content providers
  • Personalize staff roles to improve productivity


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Whatever your business needs, our experts at Nuage understand. We can help you resolve your most pressing business challenges and find the solutions you need to succeed. Plus, NetSuite customizations implemented by a reliable NetSuite partner like Nuage will have the same security backed by Oracle, with guarantees to keep working through any upgrades.

Want to talk through a customization or hear how we’ve helped other customers like you? For more information about NetSuite, or for a Free Product Tour, contact Nuage today!

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