Cloud Software Benefits for Nonprofit Organizations

Cloud Software Benefits

Cloud Software Benefits

Could they impact your nonprofit organization?

As a nonprofit organization, you want to minimize the cost and management burden of IT while getting as much from it as your for-profit counterparts. That can create significant challenges, to put it mildly. For that reason, Cloud Software benefits are becoming more apparent, and more nonprofit corporations are moving to the cloud and immediately realizing the advantages. Explore the major cloud software benefits for organizations like yours, and start to evaluate if a move to the cloud is in your best interest.

Introduce True Mobility to Your Organization

The noble mission of nonprofits often requires a lot of travel. In order to make an impact, ou have to be present in offices across the country and sites around the world.

When your data and applications are stored in the cloud you can access them from anywhere, on any computer, at anytime. Tweet This

Having that kind of mobility on your side introduces new levels of agility to your organization while ensuring your mission-critical IT travels with you everywhere.

Lower Your Technology CostsCloud Software Benefits

In organizations of all types, cloud computing has been empirically shown to lower core IT costs. If you are struggling to pay for expensive licensing fees, dealing with aging hardware, and wishing you could add new staff to your IT team, cloud computing is the immediate solution. Expect to pay less starting on day one, to pay less over the long term, and to make smarter, more strategic financial decisions without IT getting in the way.

Enhance Your Capacity to Scale and Evolve

When you suddenly get a grant, take on a new project, or invite a partnership, the new stress placed on your existing IT could prove overwhelming. Cloud Software benefits makes it possible to perfectly pair your capabilities with your requirements. That way you can start working on your core mission faster without scrambling to get your IT up to par.

Add Necessary Cyber Security Measures

Nonprofit organizations often work with information that is sensitive and protected under federal mandates. That makes cyber security a paramount concern. The Cloud software benefits have been shown to improve security overall while reducing the cost of better protection and minimizing the management burden placed on IT teams. Simply moving to the cloud could be the defense you need against today’s advanced security threats.

Let Nuage Deliver the Benefits of Cloud Computing to Your Nonprofit

Nuage is a leading provider of cloud computing solutions, and we have worked successfully with a number of nonprofit organizations. If you are ready to make the switch to the cloud, we suggest you consider utilizing NetSuite, a leading cloud-based package of management tools. Discover all that it can do by taking a free demo.


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