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Cloud Computing for CEOs

Explore Cloud Computing for CEOs

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As the top executive at your company, you likely delegate decisions about technology to the head of your IT team. And while that is smart management, it’s worth it for you to understand how cloud computing can affect your business, serve your strategic objectives, and improve operations across the board. We’ve put together this simple guide outlining the advantages of cloud computing for CEOs.

Save on IT Costs

Cloud computing has a major impact on IT budgets over the long-term. By moving to the cloud, companies are able to upgrade their hardware and applications for less, avoid outrageous licensing fees, and extend the life of existing hardware. Plus, so much of the necessary maintenance and monitoring is handled for you that companies also spend less on IT staffing.

Invite Innovation

Once your IT team is unburden from handling updates, installing patches, and troubleshooting issues, they can spend their time working on projects that actually utilize their expertise.

One of the major advantages of cloud computing for CEOs is that it helps improve the way IT functions with the rest of the business and opens the door for innovation. Tweet This

Enhance SecurityCloud Computing for CEOs

The cloud has been grossly mischaracterized as being an unsafe place to put data and applications. The reality is that just the opposite is true. Compared to the alternatives, the cloud offers a deeper level of protection that adapts to the evolving nature of today’s threats. No only is your data safer, but much of the responsibility for managing your cyber security is shifted to your cloud provider.

Introduce Scalability

The problem with in-house IT is that it is a slow, cumbersome, and expensive process to scale up the size of your infrastructure. And if your growth is seasonal or temporary, you may be saddled with capabilities that are larger than you require and more expensive than you can afford. Cloud computing, by contrast, can seamlessly scale up or down instantly and at a predictable cost.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Combine the four features discussed above, and suddenly your business has gained a significant competitive advantage. You’ve lowered costs, boosted performance, safeguarded against major threats, and made your company more agile. Cloud computing for the CEO just makes sense in today’s hyper-competitive business climate.

Nuage Understands the Needs of the CEO

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