7 Actions Businesses Need to Take as the Economy Reopens

With the economy opening, every business needs to assess its situation: from its business model to its financial health; from understanding the impact of health and safety issues to scenario planning and forecasting; from how it will retain and acquire customers to how it will package and price its offerings and payment terms.

Then it must realign the entire organization. In this eBook, we provide an action plan in the form of a checklist for each step you should take. This is your playbook for what comes next.

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Join over 20,000 companies who trust NetSuite to stay in control. Get NetSuite's free guide on 7 Actions Businesses Need to Take Now.

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Oracle NetSuite’s Commitment to Our Customers During this Crisis

We realize that in this time of crisis, it is critical that we make it possible for you to continue your operations and help you respond to the unique demands that you may be facing. We want you to know that at this important time, you can count on us to be there to support your business.

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A List of Business Relief Resources

Businesses are facing extreme economic challenges and uncertainty currently. In response, financial relief and loan programs at the federal and state level aim to meet the needs of small businesses. The list features major sources of financial relief for businesses that are struggling and will be updated regularly.

Nuage - Premier NetSuite Solution Provider

Nuage is a NetSuite reseller and NetSuite Solution Partner. From purchasing a NetSuite license, to implementing and customizing the NetSuite platform for you, we can help your company pick and choose which features you need most. Our team is ready, willing, and able to help guide you through the NetSuite purchase and/or implementation process. Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help.