On-Demand Virtual Event: Automating the Close Process

automating the close process

Reduce time, minimize errors, improve reporting accuracy.

The monthly close process can be time-consuming and labor intensive. Tracking down information from other departments, identifying errors and making corrections leads to overtime, delayed reports and frustrated stakeholders. For companies with multiple subsidiaries, closing the books is even more challenging.

View this on-demand product demonstration webinar to learn how NetSuite’s automation can:

  • Save time gathering sales, inventory and other essential data.
  • Minimize errors with a streamlined chart of accounts.
  • Identify and correct potential errors through banking integration and automated reconciliation.
  • Avoid missing transactions with auto-posting journal entries.
  • Improve reporting accuracy with NetSuite's close process checklist.
automating the close process

The monthly close process can be time-consuming and labor intensive. Learn how to reduce time, minimize errors, and improve reporting accuracy in this on-demand recording from NetSuite: 

Source: from the experts at NetSuite

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