Adaptive Planning: 3 Ways to Improve Financial Planning

Still budgeting, planning, and forecasting with spreadsheets? You’re not alone.

According to Aberdeen Group, 89% of finance teams still use spreadsheets to complete annual financial planning. But the risks are serious. The ACCA reports that more than 99% of spreadsheets contain “serious errors.”

Adaptive Insights was built for finance, by finance, and its Adaptive Planning software was designed to help move budgeting, planning, and forecasting out of “Excel hell.” Not only will Adaptive Planning CPM software help prevent costly spreadsheet mistakes, but it will also help your company with these three things necessary for better financial planning:

Rolling Forecasts

With real-time financials and continuously updating actuals, Adaptive Insights makes rolling forecasts easier than ever so you can respond more effectively to changing market conditions. Adaptive Insights easily pulls together financial data from across multiple departments for more streamlined, consolidated forecasting.

> > Don’t just take our word for it: According to the Association of Financial Professionals, “attempting to do a rolling forecast for a multimillion or multibillion dollar company in Excel is almost impossible.”

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Unlike working in spreadsheets, financial planning with Adaptive Insights makes collaboration easy with end-user dashboards, integrated Process Tracker and task management tools. Reports are easily generated using intuitive drag-and-drop controls — no scripting or technical skills required. Your entire team will also benefit from improved transparency with an audit trail, version control, and analysis tools.

> > On-the-go: Whether you’re in the office or on the road, with Adaptive Insights financial planning happens anywhere, available 24/7 on any mobile device.

A “Single Version of Truth”

Adaptive Insights’ continuously updated financial data ensures a “single version of the truth,” so everyone is always using the same data for financial planning. Alternative CPM software doesn’t provide this same degree of confidence, requiring users wait for time-consuming database updates.