Adaptive Suite – Sales and Budget Forecasting in the Cloud

As an authorized partner, Nuage offers Adaptive Insights because of its cloud-based approach to corporate performance management. Adaptive’s solutions deliver extraordinary value, with a dynamic web-based service that exceeds traditional on-premise systems in every category.

Adaptive Insights is the only unified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) suite that is assembled from the “cloud up.”

The Adaptive Insights suite delivers powerful cloud technology that provides reporting, planning, consolidation and analytic applications that cater to all types of businesses — small, medium, and large, and in virtually any industry.

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Adaptive Suite

Adaptive Planning – Industry Specific Brochures

Adaptive Insights’ comprehensive sales and budgeting solution offers benefits to any organization — large or small, and in virtually any industry. You’ll enjoy a real-time, cloud solution that boosts data accuracy and makes your business processes more efficient.
Among many other compelling features, the Adaptive Insights suite offers businesses:

  • Powerful ROI
  • Innovative analytics
  • Dynamic business planning
  • Improved decision-making

As an authorized Adaptive provider, Nuage offers unparalleled training and support to help companies save money and streamline their business processes.

Gain access to the Adaptive Insights brochure for your industry:

Adaptive Insights

Benefits of the Adaptive Insights Suite:

  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Collaborative and unified
  • Continuously updated cloud delivery
  • Anywhere access, on both web and mobile
  • Cuts planning and consolidation processes

Adaptive Planning

Adaptive Planning is a leading cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software that offers sales planning, cash flow estimates, and balance sheet forecasting. This CFO-friendly software combines a dynamic financial engine that utilizes a user-friendly, drag-and-drop technology.

Adaptive Planning makes it easy to move beyond cumbersome spreadsheet-based processes while offering extraordinary value that supersedes other enterprise solutions. With this software you’ll be able to cut the budgeting and forecasting cycle by up to 90%. You’ll also reduce costly errors by improving accuracy with your cash flow forecasting.

There is no limit on dimensions (product, customer, etc.) for your sales planning needs, and multi-dimension cube sheets, with drag-and-drop technology, will make your forecasting significantly more productive.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your workflow, Adaptive Planning offers countless features to make your business more successful:

  • Activate email alerts when statuses change
  • Control who and when certain users can modify plan data
  • Streamline processes for managers so they can submit, approve and reject plans with ease
  • Monitor approval statuses across entire organization with planning, budgeting and forecasting software

Adaptive Discovery

Adaptive Discovery is an innovative dashboard software that provides cloud-based analytics and data visualization designed not just for IT personnel, but also for executives, managers and finance personnel. You can generate your own dashboards, add data, and administer “what if” scenarios without any programming experience.

This software works all in the cloud, and will dynamically integrate with any data source. Dashboards provide intuitive charts and sophisticated analytics that will help you visualize your KPIs and access all data. You’ll be able to personalize dashboards and scorecards for each user by customizing the views that are most important to them.

The Visual Designer gives you full control of your dashboard:

  • Drag and drop modules to edit and create new charts
  • Utilize a set of redesigned charts or design your own
  • Generate private dashboards or share them with others
  • Eliminate IT reliance with self-service personalization

Adaptive Consolidation

Adaptive Consolidation is an industry-leading financial consolidations software that works entirely in the cloud. Constructed on a proven modeling engine, this cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with the Adaptive interface.

Founded on intuitive controls, Adaptive Consolidation allows your allocations to be performed, your intercompany eliminations created and your consolidations finalized. This financial consolidation software allows you to drill down and explore the critical details of your consolidated figures. Simply put, it’s a CFO’s dream software.

With this forecasting solution, you’ll gain faster and more accurate financial consolidation and reporting cycles. The benefits of Adaptive Consolidation include being able to:

  • Partition real data for flexible categorization and security
  • Automate consolidations for both controlling and non-controlling interests
  • Boost accuracy metrics with always-balanced allocations
  • Improve involvement and accountability throughout your organization.

Adaptive Reporting

Adaptive Reporting provides a drag-and-drop builder that puts a dynamic yet user-friendly business reporting software into the hands of budget managers, finance directors and executives. This rapid web-based solution allows you to generate financial, management, and board reports that always present real-time data.

Adaptive’s drag-and-drop feature offers powerful financial reporting that requires not a single bit of programming. Due to its intuitive reporting features, business users can rapidly access reports on actual, plan and forecast information.

Adaptive Reporting offers a forecasting solution with countless benefits including:

  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface
  • Fast and efficient financial and board reports
  • Instant, real-time management reports
  • Less IT dependence for report writing

Adaptive Integration

Adaptive Integration offers a range of options to connect to either your system or Adaptive’s, including general ledgers and enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM systems.

Wherever your data is stored, with Adaptive Integration you can attach it. You’ll be able to seamlessly import data from HR, GL, ERP, CRM systems and data warehouses either remotely or in the cloud.

And with Adaptive Integration, you can get started quickly without using up valuable IT resources. Why use Adaptive?

  • Automate data with any source
  • Reduce errors and save time associated with manual loading
  • Schedule hourly, daily and monthly or run on-demand
  • Implement in days, not weeks, with minimal IT resources
Adaptive Integration

Why Nuage As Your Adaptive Insights Partner?

Our cloud specialists each have over two decades of experience implementing software solutions. We dedicate our time to implementing projects on budget and on time to help you gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

So why Nuage?

  • We have experience
  • We train and support you
  • We deliver results

Our sales staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of the Adaptive Insights platform, as well as cloud computing as a whole. And we’ll work with you to find the best available solution for your organization.