Adaptive Insights vs. Prophix | Side-by-Side Comparison

Choosing the Right CPM Software

Looking for a cost-effective CPM solution? Adaptive Insights and Prophix are two of the most popular options in corporate performance management software. Chances are your research has led you to consider both products for your business. If you’re trying to decide between Adaptive Insights and Prophix for budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation and more, consider these 3 important factors:

1. Cloud vs. On-Premise Solution

Adaptive Insights is powered by the cloud, whereas Prophix is an on-premise solution. Cloud-based solutions like Adaptive Insights are preferable to companies seeking to lower implementation and maintenance costs, as the software is ready-to-use “out of the box” and updates are continuous. On-premise solutions like Prophix require a significant investment of time and resources by IT to implement and maintain, so the total cost of ownership (TCO) is much higher than a cloud CPM solution like Adaptive.

In Their Own Words: Writing about Prophix deployment and implementation, one Prophix customer said, “Be prepared for a long journey.”

2. Usability

Search customer reviews of Adaptive Suite and Prophix and you’ll find a major enthusiasm gap between the CPM solutions’ user interfaces. Adaptive Insights is widely credited with having the most user-friendly interface and data visualization features, whereas Prophix lags behind considerably. Drag-and-drop functionality coupled with a familiar “Excel-like” interface make Adaptive Insights extremely user-friendly, whereas Prophix is far less intuitive.

3. Adoption

Despite being nearly 30 years old, Prophix lags Adaptive Insights considerably in customers. In fact, Adaptive Insights is the CPM leader, with more than 3,000 customers in 85+ countries. Did You Know? Adaptive Insights is ranked #1 by Gartner for customer satisfaction.

Want to know more about Adaptive Insights?

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