4 Ways to Get a Better Return on Your NetSuite Investment

NetSuite Investment

There’s no doubt NetSuite is a powerful solution, but you may have noticed a few gaps in how it’s performing for your unique business. Do you want a better return from your NetSuite investment?

Nuage can help you fill the gaps and take NetSuite to new levels. After all, your business is individual, something all its own – your NetSuite configuration should match.

The Most Complete Solution

To better understand the impact of NetSuite for businesses, Forrester conducted interviews of four customers who have been using NetSuite for several years. Their findings showed that NetSuite is the most complete solution for businesses, delivering greater visibility, reduced errors, and improved reporting. Furthermore, NetSuite allowed them to avoid expensive IT investments.

Previously, these organizations used a variety of methods to manage their back-office operations, from paper and spreadsheets to a mix of point solutions intended primarily for small business. Every interviewed organization knew it could do better and identified NetSuite as the most complete solution to meet their pressing needs.

After switching to NetSuite, these companies experienced enhanced management and communication, improved order management, and reduced errors. Collectively, they avoided IT costs of nearly $749,000 through the reduction of IT infrastructure and resource requirements, as well as simplifying management of business processes.

NetSuite is Fully Customizable

How did these companies achieve these outstanding returns on their NetSuite investments? By configuring NetSuite to match their unique business needs through NetSuite HR, CRM, and other core ERP modules like inventory, production, commerce, and NetSuite OneWorld. Your NetSuite solution is fully customizable to meet all your individual business needs, and that’s where Nuage comes in.

Are you fully aware of ALL of NetSuite’s capabilities?

Are you trying to build something new?

Do you need to integrate to other software?

Nuage can help you configure your NetSuite solution and customize it for your specific business requirements.

How Nuage Can Help You


We can provide expert guidance through NetSuite implementation and best practices, help you with troubleshooting, and offer support and training.


We can assess your current NetSuite configuration and go-live readiness; run system health checks and audits; give technical assistance for your saved searches, reports, workflows, and scripting; and assist you with SuiteScript, SuiteFlow, SuiteTalk, SuiteCloud, SuiteBuilder, SuiteBundler, SuiteAnalytics, and more.


We can help you build custom CSS, HTML, JavaScript and other programming languages if you’re looking to do something new with your NetSuite solution.


We can help you integrate other software with your NetSuite solution.

In short, we can help you with all the ins and outs of your NetSuite software so you can harness the full capabilities of your system and maximize your return. With a little customization and the right configuration for your specific business needs, NetSuite can take your company to new levels of success!

We Love NetSuite. We Can Help.

Nuage is a full-service team of business, technology, and development experts based in the United States. We believe in the robust power of NetSuite to take your business to new levels and would be honored to help you take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Robust ERP functionality for mission-critical business
  • Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, and social enabled functionality
  • Built-in business intelligence
  • Real-time insights into key business performance indicators
  • A unified view of your organization
  • High scalablity for growth
  • Quickly and easily add more functionality
  • Commerce-readiness
  • A seamless brand experience
  • International capabilities, including support for 190 currencies, 20 languages, and automated tax compliance in over 100 countries
  • A powerful development platform with unprecedented flexibility that enables businesses to tailor the system to meet their unique requirements and industry-specific needs
  • A comprehensive partner ecosystem for scale up, spin off, or reinventing business models
  • Unmatched experience and knowledge of accounting and financials
  • A unique set of processes, activities, and systems specifically designed to deliver value for your business

We’ve shared four ways we can help you take your NetSuite solution to new levels and maximize your return on your investment, but really we can help with so much more. So give Nuage a call today at (855) 682-4324 to discuss your unique business needs and discover how NetSuite can take you on the path to faster, smarter success.


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